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1984 Company established, capital USD 160,000, producing vehicle radiators for after market.
1988 Capital increased up to USD 540,000, establishing the 2nd plant.
1990 Capital increased up to USD 850,000, establishing tooling works.
1991 Set up branch office in Taipei.
1993 Capital increased up to USD 1,570,000, establishing the 3rd plant.
1994 Approved by governmental industrial committee as a qualified vendor to national defense industry.
1996 Established export department to develop foreign market.
Signed up contract with military to make try run producing radiators for military vehicle Hammar.
1998 Approved as the sole vendor of the forklift radiators to Tai-Lift.
Blueprint & specification of radiator and oil cooler for military vehicle Hammar approved by military.
1999 Buying up a piece of land in 99,000 square feet, contracted whole series of manufacturing.
Facilities for Aluminum radiators.
Capital increased up to USD 3.2 million.
2000 Set up manufacturing facilities for Aluminum radiators, proceeding with test run.
2001 In Jan, the production of Aluminum radiators started, the max. output 700K pcs per year.
ISO 9002 certificate granted.
Capital increased up to USD 6.0 million.
2004 Capital increased up to USD 7.4 million.
2005 QS9000 approval granted.
2006 Establishing new factory in China.
Establishing subsidiary company, warehouse in USA.
2007 2nd new brazing furnace established to make annual target capacity up to 700K pcs.
2008 2nd warehouse was established in Virginia, USA
2011 3rd brazing furnace is established to launch production for condensers and increase radiators volume up.
   2013   Purchased a plant of 7,313 square meters in Fang-Yuan Industrial area New factory in Nanjing 
             China under construction and expected to be completed in 2014.
   2014   Nanjing Cryomax Cooling system Corp factory workshop completed the first phase of plant.



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